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Easy Ways to Add a Little More Joy to Your Day

February is a month of hearts, love and Valentines. It’s THE PERFECT month to look for little opportunities to add extra splashes of happiness to our regular routines. Give these a try!

  • Have something to look forward to. This can be anything, from your favorite cup of

  • coffee to a planned Zoom catch-up session with a friend.

  • Kiss (or hug) someone you love. Psychologists believe that starting the day with affection can help foster a positive attitude and healthier lifestyle. In fact, a 10- year study concluded that men who kiss their spouse before work live five years longer, make 20-30% more money and are 50% less likely to get in a car accident.

  • Say thank you. Help others feel appreciated and boost your own mood by activelypracticing gratitude.

  • Practice. Instead of spending your evening watching TV, a habit that’s been linked to lower life satisfaction, try practicing something you enjoy, such as knitting, creative writing or Sudoku.

  • Remember the good. Write down at least three good things that happened during the day, including why they were good. Don’t forget to use your Gentian Gratitude journal!

  • Dim the lights. Ease into a good night’s sleep by turning off your phone, TV and computer at least one hour before bedtime. Using a smartphone for 10 minutes is the equivalent of spending an hour in bright daylight.

  • Don’t go to bed angry. Instead, aim to go to bed feeling grateful!



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