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The Live It side of the GENTIAN equation goes beyond traditional planning. It is designed to support you as you redefine your idea of balance and personal fulfillment. Questions here center around healthy living, how much should I spend on travel, what can I do to contribute, how can I make sure what is most important to me is at the center of my planning and ultimately, how do I optimize the life I now get the chance to have?

This is a Retirement Enhancement offering which is designed for individuals and families who understand that the meaning of True Wealth extends far beyond financial assets alone. Through on-going education, enrichment activities, social engagements, networking and philanthropic endeavors you truly can live your best life, achieving an elevated sense of purpose and focus on the legacy you’d like to leave behind.

We offer a multi-faceted level of planning and service in support of clients seeking a more meaningful perspective on managing wealth.

Transition to Retirement

You’ve likely thought about the financial side of retirement, but have you defined the details that will make up the next phase of your life? What will you do with your time and how will you seek fulfillment?

Now is the time to nail those things down and identify your short and long term goals. Remember, retirement isn’t an endgame; it’s a full and active part of your life that is suppose to be your best, and it could last much longer than you think. Let's plan for that, so you can be as confident as possible – financially, emotionally and physically.

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Death of a Spouse

In addition to the emotional turmoil, losing a spouse has major financial implications regarding issues such as life insurance proceeds, Social Security and the retitling of financial accounts.

For some, this event may bring you to a place where you are managing your financial affairs on your own for the first time. Feelings of overwhelm or concerned about having sufficient income to maintain your lifestyle may arise. Take comfort in knowing, we are well versed and we are here to support and guide through this transition. 

Why Gentian? | Using tax planning, retirement income forecasting, distribution planning and estate planning, our planning professionals and team strive to re-wire traditional thinking around retirement planning. We explore unique angles of the financial landscape to uncover pockets of potential unrealized opportunity providing financial confidence to you in support of the people and purposes you hold dear. We do more than manage wealth, we strive to minimize tax liability, focused on establishing an effective roadmap for transfer and allocation to help you, derive income and fulfillment from your assets long into perpetuity.

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