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As you near retirement, planning and preparation are key in determining how much longer you should work to provide for an envisioned lifestyle. Front of mind concerns may center around how to maintain your wealth after retirement or how to navigate a plan for cashing out of a business. As you approach this milestone in your life, we want you to feel excited about what lies ahead and to trust that you will have the means to maintain your envisioned lifestyle.  

Using tax planning, retirement income forecasting, distribution planning and estate planning, our team strives to re-wire traditional thinking around retirement and help get you in a proactive mindset long before active retirement begins. We explore unique angles of the financial landscape to uncover pockets of potential unrealized opportunity providing financial confidence to you in support of the people and purposes you hold dear. Let's define your legacy, for your children and grandchildren, for your church or to align with any purpose you hold dear, considering tax mitigation strategies to align. 

Let us spark ideas and generate conversations around what you want your future lifestyle and livelihood to include. Whatever it is you have been picturing, expert planning can make it possible.

                              While We Can't Tell You What Your Future Holds, We Can Assure You We are Prepared to Respond. 

Financial Advisor

Goal Planning

We use Goal Planning & Monitoring, a proprietary planning software from Raymond James that can help align financial decisions with your vision of retirement and other goals. This powerful resource, in conjunction with our deep planning experience, helps us ensure that your goals and our strategy for pursuing them are well-defined.

Social Security Benefits

Since Social Security benefits can play an important role in retirement income, Social Security analysis is an essential part of the services we offer. We help you determine your eligibility, determine when is best to file, how to potentially maximize benefits for you and your spouse, laser focused of course, on mitigating taxes on that income.

Planting a Plant
Job Interview

Change in Career

Moving to a new position or occupation can certainly be a time of celebration, but also of cautious concern regarding your financial life. We are here to help reassess your financial situation and adjust your goals and financial plan as necessary. We'll consider the company benefits at your new employer, and address the different options regarding your previous employer’s 401(k) plan.

Selling a Business

Selling your business can be a highly emotional experience, despite this, this is a time when sound financial decision making is imperative. Lean on us, we can assist with business valuation, reviewing your options for buyers and facilitating the selling process – then help transfer wealth out of your business in a tax-efficient manner with an appropriate exit strategy.

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Death of a Spouse

In addition to the emotional turmoil, losing a spouse has major financial implications regarding issues such as life insurance proceeds, Social Security and the retitling of financial accounts.

For some, this event may bring you to a place where you are managing your financial affairs on your own for the first time. Feelings of overwhelm or concerned about having sufficient income to maintain your lifestyle may arise. Take comfort in knowing, we are well versed and we are here to support and guide through this transition. 

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