Meaningful Perspective on Managing Wealth

The families and individuals our team serves know the meaning of true wealth. They care for the well-being of their family and community, and using their financial resources as a well intended tool for their benefit, and ultimately the world. The trust, gratitude and humility our clients display inspires us daily in our roles as trusted wealth leaders.

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Do you trust your retirement planner enough
to get a second opinion?

This is your money. Whether you are nearing retirement or you are already there, you need a retirement specialist who understands how generating cash in retirement is different than just owning a diversified portfolio that grows over time. Our team is designed to navigate the landscape of possible investments and strategies needed to extend your savings and allow your True Wealth Goals to be realized.

Master Class Series

True Wealth in Retirement | Chris Doughty

Retirement in it's truest form is: Having enough money to live on and having enough things to live for. Retirement used to mean, slowing down and stepping away from the contributing aspects of life. At GENTIAN we view retirement differently and this series is designed to help you  redefine retirement and embark on this chapter as a period of growth, of enjoyment and prosperity.  

The concepts shared in this series will challenge your thinking on traditional retirement frameworks providing you with practical applications for rewiring your purpose in retirement.