Looking at wealth
from a different perspective

Would you rather be “rich” or “wealthy”? What’s the difference? Rich is having abundant financial assets: money, real estate, investments and material possessions. But do you have other assets that you value more than these financial assets? For most people, the answer is yes.

We help our clients look at wealth and assets in a different way – one that helps put things in perspective and clarify priorities. In a world where many try to have it all and do it all, if helps to focus first on what is most important.

A book that validates our thinking: "The Brower Quadrant" by Lee Brower

Author Lee Brower divides assets into four different types or quadrants. Are you thinking cash, stocks, bonds and real estate? Brower lumps those assets into just one quadrant, the financial quadrant. Although the financial quadrant assets are efficiently transferred from one generation to the next, the assets in the other three wealth quadrants are most often lost. It is the loss of these assets that causes the generational loss of wealth. Brower explains the phenomenon in this insightful book.

Empowered wealth categories of assets

Your family, health, values and the individual well-being of each family member

Good and bad experiences, education, reputation, networks and the wisdom of each family member

Contributions made to others

“This book opened my eyes to an entirely new way of looking at assets.” – Christopher Doughty

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Planning Financially for Living Beyond 120

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