business owners build upon their achievements

Our professionals have the greatest respect for business owners and their vision, commitment and strong work ethic. Perhaps this is why we have dedicated much of our own careers to serving the financial needs of business owners. In fact, many of our retired clients once owned businesses, as well.

Business owners devote long hours to running and building their businesses, and do not have the time to devote to the crucial financial matters that must be addressed. Their personal wealth is often intertwined with their businesses, and they need to have a solid exit plan in place for the eventual transfer of wealth needed to fund their retirement.

Working with business owners as a partner in their success, we help them address a wide variety of needs, including asset preservation, cash management, tax planning, employee retention, insurance, financing and succession planning.

We want business owners to enjoy the confidence of knowing they have a single, trusted source for financial advice – and more time to devote to growing their businesses.

Planning Financially for Living Beyond 120

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